The Impact of Denying Climate Change

The Impact of Denying Climate Change

Firms, public agencies, and private media moguls have sown doubts when it comes to the issue of climate change. Some for personal interest and mass production have gone into lobbying authorities to allow them exploit the natural resources at the expense of the masses. The impact has greatly increased across the globe with much of the impact on developing areas. Again, some agencies both public, private and some scientific bodies believe that climate change doesn’t exist. Some even believe this a natural cycle that regulates itself from time to time without affecting humans. But, there is another school of thought that disagrees with this assertion and feels some persons for reasons of personal gains are the brain behind climate change denial.

Much of this denial or negligence

Much of this denial or negligence of the facts comes from the political side. Some politicians are major actors when it comes to the issue of climate change. In 1985, an elected president in a developing nation signed a contract with another nation to allow them to exploit timber for a given number of years. The contract wasn’t just aimed at exploiting of the wood but, to ensure development like tarring of roads and providing some amenities like hospitals, schools, aids, and many others.

The Impact of Denying Climate Change

For over 20-years the foreign company that was in charge of the exploitation did none of the above to at least assist the population who were still living in abject poverty. The roads leading to their farms were all destroyed by the heavy trucks, massive exploitation, and felling down of trees without replanting. Within 3-years of carrying out the exploitation, most of the villages were exposed to heavy sunlight, their crops, and farms affected by the heat direct sun rays. In just a matter of time, most of the inhabitants of the affected areas were now exposed to excessive heat. Children became sick with little or no medical attention, their crops burnt up because of too much heat.

The politicians are living in the glasshouse well-protected while the people were suffering from the effects of over exploitation of their forest. This continued for several years until another president was elected and within the first few years of his presidency, some of those deadly policies were reformed. Manufacturing companies on the other hand weren’t helping matters. They paid a huge amount of tax to the government which allowed them to carry out their activities even at the expense of the population. On daily basis, poisonous gases were released into the atmosphere some of which had negative effects on the Ozone layer.

There are some group of persons that thinks heat is needed for crop production but, that has not proven to be true in extreme cases. Much of the climate change denial has been associated with political influence and bad governance. Several warnings from some scientific bodies that are associated with the study of climate change have been ignored. Although there are still many counter opinions on this subject, their effects are much visible and felt across the globe with more of the impact in most developing nations.

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