How To Use The Gouache Paint

How To Use The Gouache Paint

Great artists understand the value of using quality tools especially when it comes to colors and designs. Getting the right materials may be costly but, when you eventually finish the job, it will come out beautiful. There are different kinds of water-colored paint in the market but, Gouache is among the very best that makes your job easier. Gouache has some similarities with watercolor but, not as if it has the same quality and texture. Mike Edwin was a great painter but, nobody knew his secrete, he started learning from his late father at the age of 6. In a small town in neighboring India, Mike Edwin was known as “the stylish painter”.

People referred to him as the

People referred to him as the young talented painted, others called him the stylish painter. If you give Mike any job related to painting he will give just what you want. But, Mike had a secret, he did most of his artistic work at night, he never wanted to expose his secrete and to let people know the kind of materials he was using. Gouache was the secret behind his great achievement as a talented painter. He knew exactly how to get the right mixture and make it come out perfect. The issue some painters in the location where Mike was situated was that they focused more on money than getting the job done.

How To Use The Gouache Paint

Mike wasn’t like that; he understood what it meant to offer customer’s satisfaction. On one occasion, some artists observed that Mike always had many customers coming to look for him. Some times there will be no space because of the great crowd waiting for his attention. His friends decided to approach him to ask what was the secret that the customer always flooded his shop while they will be struggling with one or two clients. They were all using the same kind of material which is Gouache but, the result was different. Mike knew how to mix the pigment with water to design any artistic work be it drawings or multi painting of any surface. Gouache is one of the oldest product was used as far back as the 18th century by several great artists.

Fortunately for mike, his late father inherited the skill from his grandfather so, the painting was more of a family thing for them. Mike was a kind-hearted fellow who loves to teach others though, he felt the painting was one job that has so many competitors particularly in the region he was located. But, when he saw the passion and shortcomings of his friends, he decided to start a training session to teach them how to use the “almighty Gouache.

Gouache paint according to Mike is a mix of natural or some people called it synthetic pigment. Water and gum are often added to give it a good blend. The gum allows the paint to stick to any surface on which it is being applied. Some artists add chalk to the mixture to make it have extra heft. When the mixture is all set, you can use it paint posters, comics, and other graphical works. Mike and his friends eventually set up a training school when they saw the need to teach people how to paint using the Gouache product for painting and designs.

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